I periodically write essays and op-eds for the general public in which I use behavioral science, intervention science, and meta-science insights to analyze contemporary issues in society, and when appropriate, suggest ways to apply those insights to social problems. Links to those essays are below.

Lewis, N. A., Jr. (2020, May 1). How many (and whose) lives would you bet on your theory? The Hardest Science.

Lewis, N. A., Jr. (2019, September 12). On ‘light-touches’ and ‘heavy-hands’: 2 strategies to tackle educational inequities. Brown Center Chalkboard, The Brookings Institution.

Jefferson, H., & Lewis, N. A., Jr. (2018, April 23). Starbucks won’t have any idea whether its diversity training works. The Washington Post.

Oyserman, D., & Lewis, N. A., Jr. (2017, June 12). Can People ‘Like Me’ Go to College? Inequality and Dreams of Higher Ed. The Conversation.